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Re: [school-discuss] Shockwave player

ruwoldtp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ha scritto:
> Hi
> The Learning Federation <http://www.thelearningfederation.edu.au/tlf2/> in
> Australia is investing in the development of a range of Australian
> oriented Learning Objects for use in Australian schools.  Many require a
> Shockwave player to use.  I am concerned that this has the potential of
> being a show stopper, or at least a show limiter, for the broader
> implementation of Linux in Australian schools.

In Italy, two years ago, happened exactly the same thing: an e-learning
training courses was prepared, by the Italian Ministry for Education, to
train _all_ the italian low-mid-high school teachers regarding the
"basic skills" of information technologies (internet and office automation).

A big set of the learning objects (~90%) were useble _only_ via a
shockwave plug-in and, as such, unable to be "played" under Linux in a
zero-cost and free (as speech) scenario.

Should we have time (and "power"), it should be nice to investigate if
there were some "pushing" coming from.... someone... to both Italy and
Australia... (and someone else?) :-(

Anyway, unfortunatly, those courses have finished and... the reality is
even worse then before: we have passed from a context where teachers
were mostly "ignorant" in respect to ICT issues, to a context where they
are aware of them but... they are mostly convinced that windows and
office are the _only_ objects that can be used to "help themselves" in
their teaching activities. :-(


Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@xxxxxxxxxxx
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