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Re: FW: [school-discuss] Passing of the torch


Those are good points, this is my take -

On the first note, I took a look at the findaschool page and also the
Disaster Recovery page and understand what you are saying about member
organizations having different focuses on open resources.

The thing I see with the different resources, is that they have many
different target audiences and purposes.  In relation to your second
point, active projects/sites of founding/all members should be
examined so that they can be categorized as to who the target audience
is (students, teachers, administrators, facilities, etc,) and the
status as a founding member could be indicated through a graphics tag
and preferential placement on resource lists (assuming the project is
active).  There should also be a page that covers the history of
SchoolForge including a list of the founding members.

Third, regarding the beta/dev site, the link will be posted to this
list well before the site is ready to go live.  I look forward to your
input - as I was browsing around the GEO/IER site I noticed that you
had given some consideration to similar subjects and projects.  Right
now, the priority is discussing and shaping the ideas for the website
here on this mailing list so that as we move forward we are on the
same page.

Looking at the coalition management procedures, there are a couple
points that I would like to raise as well.  Many present SchoolForge
members are on board with the expectation of these procedures.
Obviously, with the new direction the procedures will have to be
reworked to include end user/community based features as well as
coalition involvement.  This is a pretty significant change and
current members should note concerns and suggestions as to what
SchoolForge should become to further itself as a resource to
themselves and the end users.

I haven't been a part of the schoolforge-core list, and I don't know
how active it is or has been, so it is something I will look into.
That leads me to the last note, and that is as I've been lurking for
quite awhile, it has all been during a period in which the SF website
and this list have been pretty quiet.  Much of what the coalition
represents and who is actively involved, I haven't seen enough of to
have a sense of where that should go, but do feel that it is an
important part of our efforts as a whole.  I'm familiar with a few of
the groups listed on the members page (The A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation is
one I find particularly interesting, anything Turing related is
fascinating) and I would like more feedback from members to discuss
which aspects of the coalition work well,  the challenges it faces,
and how it should function moving forward.