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RE: [school-discuss] Shockwave player

There are two things that Macromedia (now Adobe) created:
Flash (also known as Shockwave Flash)
Shockwave (not the same thing thing as flash/shockwave flash)

The gnash project is to develop a shockwave flash player that is open
source. It is not going to play Shockwave stuff, just flash stuff.

Note: Some textbook companies are using shockwave in their electronic
formats. This will become an issue for Linux schools. Pearson Prentice
Hall has an interactive science tool written in Shockwave. The Adobe
tool used is Director. In a nutshell, it is a game engine that generates
interactive (sort of) video that is 3D and supports "physics" like
walls, gravity, etc.

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 10:40 -0700, Healey, Andrew (Redmond - Space)
> Damiano Wrote:
> > Keep in mind that "flash" technologies are quite different
> > from "shockwave" ones. The "proprietary" flash-player and the
> > FLOSS one, GNASH, are able to manage "flash" object.
> My understanding of the GNASH project is that it is not just a "flash"
> player but a "shockwave flash" player.  The project itself @
> http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/gnash/ is described as: "Gnash is a
> flash (shockwave) player and Firefox plug-in."  It is based partly off
> of the gameswf library which is an open source Public Domain library for
> parsing and rendering SWF movies, using 3D hardware APIs for rendering.
> <http://www.tulrich.com/geekstuff/gameswf.html>
> The SWF specs are open and standard so this should make it feasible to
> write a ShockWave Flash player.  That is what the GNASH project is
> working on.
> I think the best bet is to bring this point to the attention of the TLF
> and try to persuade them to test across platforms with Linux testing
> being done with GNASH.  This will aid in debugging GNASH and giving
> schools an open source option avoiding vendor and platform lock-in.
> Andrew
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