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Re: [school-discuss] How was NECC 2006?

Hey Justin -

	I attended NECC (and spoke at the Open Source pavilion).

The sessions were VERY well attended. Lots of excitement in the audience.

Steve deserves a major round of applause for all the work he put it to making it happen. The K12LTSP lab, the liveKiosks and the hands-on area all looked great. It was a lot of machinery and people logistics to put together.

	Thanks Steve!    [clap]  [clap]  [clap]  [clap]  [clap]  [clap]


On Jul 10, 2006, at 11:30 AM, Justin Riddiough wrote:

Steve -

How did the Open Source labs and sessions go at NECC?  Was anyone else
from this discuss list able to attend?  It sounds like it would have
been a very informative event covering many interesting subjects, wish
I could have attended.