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Re: [school-discuss] How was NECC 2006?

That's great news!  It's nice to see so many people were interested in
the different sessions and labs, and that the organizers are
considering finding more space for next year... for the two speaking
tracks we can hope.

From the pictures, it looks like you guys had a great time and that
the audiences were very attentive.  Fantastic work guys!

A few other questions (I'm curious what it must have been like to host
the labs and sessions!)

Were there any questions from the audience that seemed to keep coming
up  or things that people seemed to need a more information on?  Were
the concepts of open source understood so that (for the most part) in
discussing the LMS's people were right there with you?  Or had most of
the people attending those sessions also attended Davids
overview/guide session?  Was it mostly speaker led, or discussion
based - and did the questions/discussions bring about any
interesting/notable points?