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Re: [school-discuss] CMS input requested..

Moodle is great...if anyone would like I have a demo site running over on www.aptenix.com/moodle

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lee wrote:
see also: http://www.humboldt.edu/~jdv1/moodle/all.htm <http://www.humboldt.edu/%7Ejdv1/moodle/all.htm>


Since this is an edu list I'll chime in w/ Moodle ( moodle.org ).

Moodle is an on-line course mgm't system (the "other" kind of CMS;-), comes with lots of themes & a content mgm't plug-in module http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&rid=387

FWIW, Karoshi integrates it w/ the rest of the school network user acc'ts, so students can log in to get lessons online, feedback, etc.


*/Daniel Guermeur <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:

    You may want to check Metadot Portal Server

    It's entirely point and click.


    On 7/13/06, cdmiller wrote:
     > Justin Riddiough wrote:
     > > I had thought the direction to go was with Joomla! as I'd found
    it a
     > > pretty flexible system to work with. Given recent news that their
     > > lead developer has moved on to other projects and they are
     > > reorganizing, I think the CMS is something to spend a little
    more time
     > > looking at.
     > >
     > > It looks like another good CMS out there is drupal, and I'd put
     > > on near equal footing as far as capabilities. If they are both
     > > active projects down the road, which would offer more
     > > and open components that would be customized (if needed) and
     > > integrated into the website? I haven't spent much time with drupal
     > > yet, but it would be worth learning it if it is the better choice.
     > >
     > > Any thoughts?
     > >
     > It really depends what you want a CMS for. If you want a CMS which is
     > also a dynamic content delivery system, Drupal and similar good.
    If you
     > want a CMS that is not also the display engine, you may want
     > like Bricolage.
     > - cameron

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