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[school-discuss] Fodder for all to use as they please

Now that I've made my final presentation to the CIO of Atlanta Public Schools on our case study at Morris Brandon Elementary School, I thought it might be helpful if I posted some of the many slides I generated over the last year in my hopes of convincing them to switch to K12LTSP, which we finally did by just doing it and showing them the results. I just put two Open Office presentation files in the following locations, please use as you see fit to convince your school IT folks of the benefits of FOSS. Daniel

This is the final presentation I gave to the CIO:

This is a file with lots of slides I generated over a year to convince them:



PS: Steve Hargadon, feel free to scan these and generate questions/topics for me to discuss next week on the broadcast interview. Also, perhaps a modified version of these could go on the K12LTSP wiki? D.