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Re: [school-discuss] Fodder for all to use as they please

Matt Oquist wrote:
This is *awesome*! Very nice job. I'd like to link to these off of
softwarefreedomday.org; should I just upload copies of these OO files
there, or would you prefer that I link to their current locations?

I have one question -- why did you decide to leave an XP PC in each
room instead of using a Windows Terminal Server, and having the
teachers access the server through rdesktop on a thin client?

Again, kudos for this great work. The inclusion of test scores was
perfect -- you really hit all the important points, I think.


Go ahead and upload copies, the location is merely my file space from my broadband service provider.

We left the teacher's PCs alone given the large amount of proprietary software they were using for admin, grading, etc.