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[school-discuss] Tux Paint 0.9.17 is out!

Here's a little press release for the new Tux Paint!  Enjoy, and feel free
to pass the word along!


Announcing Tux Paint 0.9.17

  New Breed Software Releases Update to Award-Winning Open Source Art
  Software for Children

  (Davis, CA -- July 1, 2007)  Five years after the debut of its
  award-winning Open Source drawing program for children, New Breed
  Software is happy to announce the release of Tux Paint 0.9.17.

  Tux Paint 0.9.17 offers many exciting innovations alongside
  improvements to favorite features, including new stamps, new brushes
  for the Paint and Line tools, and support for a wider variety of
  screen resolutions and orientations -- great for use with wide-screen
  LCD monitors and tablet PCs.

  Tux Paint's well-loved Stamp tool is now cleaner, more flexible, and
  easier to use than ever. The addition of a smoothing filter minimizes
  pixelation when photographic stamps are scaled up, while newly added
  support for the Scalable Vector Graphics file format allows for
  byte-thrifty stamps that can scale up without any pixelation or
  blurring at all. Lastly, the constantly growing collection of stamps
  is now separated into categories (plants, animals, holidays, and so
  forth) for easier navigation.

  Also, Tux Paint 0.9.17 proudly debuts the new Input Method feature,
  which allows users to input non-Latin characters with the Text
  tool. Currently, supported languages include Japanese (both Romanized
  Hiragana and Romanized Katakana) and Korean (the common Hangul 2-Bul

  And as always, Tux Paint continues to learn new languages thanks to
  its global community of developers. Tux Paint 0.9.17 now supports more
  than 70 languages, with new translations into Latvian, Telugu, and
  Twi, in addition to updates in more than a dozen others.

  Tux Paint 0.9.17 is available immediately for Microsoft Windows and
  Linux, with an Apple Mac OS X version coming soon.  It is available
  for download free of charge from the Tux Paint website.

  For further information, visit: www.tuxpaint.org and www.newbreedsoftware.com


Have fun,