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Re: [school-discuss] suggestions about secondary school project using FOSS

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It sounds like moodle would be a very good basis for what you are doing. If you'd like to see a demo, I have one running over at: www.aptenix.com/moodle
For multimedia, you may have missed our last discussion, but Ubuntu Studio was discussed. There are a couple members trying it out now, and should be back soon with first impressions. 
There is also Dynabolic. A live CD of multimedia apps. For desktop publishing Scribus, Inkscape, and OpenOffice are the leaders. There are many of us here that have worked within schools, implementing these apps. Finally, The Gimp and Blender rule the graphics aspects. Both are excellent tools, and many here have used them extensively. These would make an excellent starting point. Let us know if we can provide you with any app specific information as you try these tools.

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Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 19:18:29 
Subject: [school-discuss] suggestions about secondary school project using FOSS

i am currently involved in developing an educational project for
secondary school students (14-18) in Italy, which will be very likely
extended to primary schools (10-13) in a slightly adapted fashion.

At the moment i am looking for case studies/suggestions/experiences in
this field to build the basis of the activity.

The aim is to let young people become aware of the great power of
media technologies and how istructive is to use them under the FOSS
The project has roughly these features:

1. two parts, one school-year long each
2. two teachers involved: one expert in humanities area and the other
(me) in the technological/scientific area
3. roughly 60 guys involved
4. we plan to extend it to primary schools, in the second part

Now, students should not only learn what they can do using more
skillfully Internet, programming tools, website mastering and so on
but also realize some effective output which, eventually may be then
used in the second phase.

Any suggestion is very appreciated. Of course, direct involvement of
other parties around the world is possible and welcome.


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