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Re: [school-discuss] Ways to put Linux PCs in villages w/o electricity (was: This could work...)

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 06:42:42PM -0400, Daniel Howard wrote:
> Finally, I recall the stuff about putting extra video cards and USB 
> ports in the server and just using the server, LCD monitors and USB 
> keyboards and mice, no clients.  That would probably further drop the 
> electricity requirements, and drop the price per station by another 
> $110, assuming we can use a $40 video card for each monitor.

$40 for a PCI ATI card?!  Wow.  These are artifacts by now?
(you're not gonna stuf several AGP cards, and SLI motheboards
are still less preferable than e.g. 4-way Matrox I guess)

BTW there was an implementation in one of Moscow universities,
called (roughly) "Dragon" -- with three heads per station.
It required kernel and xorg patches three years ago though,
and last time I've heard not all of them were merged or otherwise
implemented upstream.

I'd rather consider used notebooks in Pentium/PII range.  
These draw less energy, weigh less and seem to cost at least 
comparably to what you cite as station+monitor price.

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