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[school-discuss] FOSS in Malawi

Two thoughts:

1. Is Mark Shuttleworth in on this at all?

2. I think I saw a brief mention in someone's
posting about grabbing web sites and storing them
for use offline. If live Net access is really going
to be an expensive pain in these poor rural areas
for a while, it might be a good option to copy
a suitable hunk of the web and simply let the
students do their learning from some slightly old
data fed to them off the local server. Updates
could be provided at whatever intervals fit with
the overall economic realities. After all, do
students in this situation absolutely require
up-to-the-second info feeds? The students can
send email to each other over the LAN, even if
they can't email people overseas. If a delayed web
version can be done in a much shorter time, at 
a tiny fraction of the cost, and with a lot fewer
hassles than having it all live, it certainly
would seem to be worth considering.


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