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Re: [school-discuss] convincing school ITs to try Linux

On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 18:47 -0700, Justin wrote:
>  Maybe an endorsement by either a school or a FLOSS project?

It will be difficult to get an official endorsement by a public school.
The legals there are a quagmire and to get them to endorse anything
would likely be an exercise in futility. I know APS would not endorse
the work of any vendor (it's in the contract terms) and DeKalb county
schools prohibits the vendor for publicly admitting any type of business
relationship between school system and vendor with out prior permission.

Private schools are different and of course self-regulated. Charter
schools will sometimes fall under the purvey of the school district
rules and sometimes they have latitudes not granted other schools.

At best a reference could be obtained to verify that company X did
install Y systems. Just as the quality of employment can't be discussed
only the dates, title(s) and pay rate(s) for employment, I suspect that
even references from school officials, staff, and teachers will be
limited at best.

Now parents of school kids are not constrained by the district rules and
should already be involved in many cases. They would be good candidates
for referrals.  
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