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Re: [school-discuss] convincing school ITs to try Linux


I like the idea of presenting this type of information in this way. There have been similar suggestions before..

Considerations (presented as Profiles in FOSS, support organizations, consultants, or coalition members) :

* Gives website visitors a way to connect with someone that can answer questions and provide ideas to get started
* Support is a source of income for many FLOSS software projects
* For-profit support organizations are part of the FLOSS ecosystem
* Down the road, if SchoolForge becomes a non-profit organization, could this present any complications? * When the time comes that someone else is leading and working with SchoolForge, could this present any complications? * Who's who? What should be the threshold for presenting a support organization? Maybe an endorsement by either a school or a FLOSS project?

Any thoughts?

Justin Riddiough

Chris Gregan wrote:
In reference to Justin's call for information, perhaps a "Profiles in
FOSS" might be helpful. A kind of who's who of the folks that have been
a part of educational FOSS migrations, and are willing to talk to
potential adopters? A listing of contact info on the site, available to

Thanks Daniel,
I will work to line up a few of my more skeptical
Administrators/Superintendents to talk to her when she has the time. I
appreciate the info.

In regard to your comment; I would appreciate any help, you, or any
other list member could provide, for a school outsider to promote open
source in schools without suffering from the label "consultant". In
effect I am someone looking to make a living by saving school districts
money, and I realize I have an uphill battle, but I was hoping the fact
that I am not an education insider would not impact my effectiveness.
Your comment hints to the fact that it has and will continue to do so. I
think saving schools money, and improving student education through open
source software is a goal that should not be hampered by the fact a
for-profit company is trying to do it. I hoped that by volunteering some
of my knowledge and contacts both in schools, and through sites like
schoolforge, would help to dispel some of the misconceptions about small
business people like myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Gregan
Open Source Consultant/Founder
Aptenix LLC Desktop Solutions
New Market MD 21774

"Open source, open minds."