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[school-discuss] SchoolForge Art Gallery?

Not too long ago, Justin wrote:

>If anyone knows of any funding opportunities
>for development - I'm all ears!

I'll toss this idea out to the group
just to see if it leads anywhere. . . .

How about an online art gallery at SchoolForge,
with the images being offered for sale on T-shirts,
coffee mugs, tote bags, &c, and the revenue being
split between the artists and SchoolForge? Since so
many of the most powerful FLOSS programs are in the
field of graphics, this would serve two purposes:
showcasing just how dynamic FLOSS is and (hopefully)
raising a bit of money. There are two more specific
suggestions that I would add about this:

1. While it would be perfectly appropriate to
emphasize artworks created by students (this is,
after all, SCHOOL Forge), I would not limit it
totally to student artists; I think that all
FLOSS artists should be able to participate.

2. While it would also be understandable to see
most of the artworks done with the usual suspects
(GIMP, Inkscape, TuxPaint, POVRay, &c), I think
that potential participants should be encouraged
to experiment with those programs that are not
normally viewed as art programs, but which could
be artistic tools if approached properly. C.a.R.,
KSEG, Geogebra, SurfX3D, and VPython/PyGeo all
come to mind as possible examples.


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