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[school-discuss] Frankentoons

In response to my suggestion for an art gallery
at SchoolForge, Justin wrote:

>Maybe we could start with a Frankentoons line
>of t-shirts and see where it goes from there? :)

If anyone is unfamiliar with the Frankentoons,
check out their latest incarnation at:


Actually, nearly all of the graphical work on the
Frankentoons was done with proprietary programs;
they happened to be the handiest tools at the time.

A further comment: the Frankentoon experiment
was--and is--intended to push towards dealing with
intellectual property issues which are still much
too far from being resolved. IMHO, SchoolForge is
one of the organizations that would benefit from
such a resolution. I suggest that SchoolForge,
through appropriate legal representation, ask a
federal judge to issue a declaratory judgment
ruling whether or not the assemblage and the
public display of the Frankentoon materials
(both text and images) in fact constitutes
any specific violations of copyright law. I
think that SchoolForge should possess the legal
standing to make such a request. A lot of wealthy
people will become very angry, but SchoolForge
should not face any legal exposure; that should
all be reserved for me. I would be glad to help
out in any ways that I could.


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