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Re: [school-discuss] SchoolForge Art Gallery?

Hi Justin,

On 7/27/07, Justin <jriddiough@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Charles Cosse wrote:
> The only problem with flash stuff is that you can't develop it on
> Linux, or not very well, at least.

True - what I'm noting is that SVG/AJAX/DHTML could (I think it will)
have pretty good potential to provide this interactivity within code
that is GPL, without flash.  I did a search for ajax games - these are
some examples of what I'm talking about



Hey! that's pretty slick.  Nice applications there.  I didn't know you could do that in a non-flash way.  It necessarily has an extra layer of complexity being a web-app.  I am suggesting satellite programs which get, for example, college departments to give 3-4 credits for one of their students to devote a semester's worth of work.  ie. that the development fit within a semester, for the example of a satellite program of a college.


"Let's shoot some bunnies?"  Let's not!  Nice game, otherwise.
It's not something that is going to replace desktop apps, but looking at
this - I could see that this sort of game development could tie into
web-based LMS down the road.  I am just considering that LMS's have
already had some success in funding through the sort of model you have
described, and might be something to consider.

Well, indeed it's something to consider.  As mentioned above, i've got it in my head that the "prototype business model", can we say, would be through a university, and would fit into a regular semester.  That's the only drawback of adding extra complexity by virtue of being a web-app.  That, and the fact that kids in Malawi, or Kenya, or many many many other places, don't have high speed internet, and, much of where i'm coming from has been influenced by my 3 yrs spent teaching in Kenya ( U.S. Peace Corps) -- in a school without windows or chalkboards, much less telephone, much less internet.  But i could definately see those kids getting into stand alone education applications developed through a global coalition, based at schoolforge, running on OLPC machines, etc....

Here is a link to a graphic describing how i once sought to implement such a program at NMSU:

Charles Cosse