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Re: [school-discuss] open source softare research

Hi!  I use gtk-RecordMyDesktop to record slideshows while I narrate.  It saves in an .ogv format which is a bit weird, but then I use PitiTvi Video Editor to render into an .flv format.  At that point you can upload it to YouTube or edit it in Cinelerra.

That might do what you want.  One thing it will not do is let you record the desktop video and record into Audacity in the same effort.  Fairly usual to only be able to use one audio recording app at a time.

Marilyn  :)


On Sat, 30 Jul 2011 11:28:29 +0200, Pegasus Phoenix wrote:

Hello! I need a software as Camstudio to record a powerpoint presentation. The video has to record the presentation and, in another area, the webcam signal as www.knovio.com
Is there any open source software that can do it? And commercial software?