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Re: [school-discuss] TuxPaint and MyPaint


Thanks for all of those links.  I looked at them briefly and they look promising.  



On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 13:23:31 -0400, L M wrote:

Thought I'd add Grafx2 to the list of graphics programs:
I think it could make a decent replacement for Windows Paint on some systems and it works on a variety of operating systems.
I haven't used Band in a Box, but I do my own music composition and also create Karaoke midi files with lyrics.  I really like ABC notation for music composition.  There are a variety of tools available for it ( http://abcnotation.com/software ).  Rather than go into a lot of details in this post about how I use ABC notation to create various music files (Karaoke midi, wave, etc.), I'll refer anyone who's interested in further information to my web page about it:
I really like Timidity for working with midi and Karaoke midi files.  However, this tool looks like it could be useful:
Haven't had time to try it out myself yet.