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Re: [school-discuss] moodle site and adobe

Le 30/07/2013 15:28, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a Ãcrit :
> Hi there everyone,
> I still enjoy reading your posts.  Yes, it is a shame that adobe
> controls so much.  A good friend of mine was so excited to tell me about
> his adobe subscription a couple of months ago . . . only $25 a month for
> the whole suite!!  I said . . . dude, I'm happy for you . . . but I like
> my free apps better.  Doing a little math, that $25 a month is
> $300/year.  When I was teaching graphics, my kids had pirated copies of
> adobe apps.  Most were very excited to be able to get the Gimp and
> Blender for free.
> Been home for 2 1/2 years and last October finally pulled our profoundly
> dyslexic son, now 12, out of public school.  Last year
> we experimented with a bunch of different ways to do home school.  For
> this coming year, I think we have it figured out - thanks to FOSS and
> free online content.  Sam can learn without having to read or write -
> which is what profoundly dyslexic kids need.  Here is the link.  The
> guest login works for everything.
> http://7.ourdyslexicchildren.org/

so happyo to get (good) news from Sam and you

> If you have any suggestions or comments, that would be cool.

ann from Bordeaux


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