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Re: [school-discuss] moodle site and adobe

If your son (or for others---your students) have dyslexia, you might really like this font, specifically for dyslexic people. And it's Open Source! We've put it on all our school computers, and many of the students were AMAZED at home it helped them! 

And sometimes, just printing a document out in this font makes something readable instead of unreadable.
Check it out!

Laurie Cohen
240-793-1269 cell

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Le 30/07/2013 15:28, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a Ãcrit :
> Hi there everyone,
> I still enjoy reading your posts.  Yes, it is a shame that adobe
> controls so much.  A good friend of mine was so excited to tell me about
> his adobe subscription a couple of months ago . . . only $25 a month for
> the whole suite!!  I said . . . dude, I'm happy for you . . . but I like
> my free apps better.  Doing a little math, that $25 a month is
> $300/year.  When I was teaching graphics, my kids had pirated copies of
> adobe apps.  Most were very excited to be able to get the Gimp and
> Blender for free.
> Been home for 2 1/2 years and last October finally pulled our profoundly
> dyslexic son, now 12, out of public school.  Last year
> we experimented with a bunch of different ways to do home school.  For
> this coming year, I think we have it figured out - thanks to FOSS and
> free online content.  Sam can learn without having to read or write -
> which is what profoundly dyslexic kids need.  Here is the link.  The
> guest login works for everything.
> http://7.ourdyslexicchildren.org/

so happyo to get (good) news from Sam and you

> If you have any suggestions or comments, that would be cool.

ann from Bordeaux


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