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[school-discuss] Open Source program hosting question

I was considering uploading a project to Sourceforge when I starting
getting e-mails on various mailing lists warning developers not to
deal with them.  So, the question remains what's a good way to share
Open Source projects via the Internet.  A lot of people use options
like Github or Bitbucket, but it looks like they require users to
access through git or mercurial.  It would be nice to have a web based
or sftp based option to upload and download files.  (Some school
districts block common version control tools with their firewalls.)
Onedrive and Google Drive also seem to have limits on how one can
access and upload files.  Some alternative lists mention sites like
fosshub.com and ourproject.org.  I haven't found much in the way of
information or reviews of these sites.  So, with the issues going on
at Sourceforge, what are some safer, viable alternatives for hosting
the source code and binaries for Open Source projects?
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