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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source program hosting question

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Il 14/07/2015 20:29, LM ha scritto:
> [...] A lot of people use options like Github ... , but it looks like
> they require users to access through git or mercurial.  It would be
> nice to have a web based or sftp based option to upload and download
> files.

As for GitHub, the "download" part is absolutely a _NO_PROBLEM_ as every
project (or, more specifically, every version of every project) can be
downloaded as a single ZIP file. As an example, the PacketFence [1]
development branch is here:
while the latest stable release is here:

As you can see, both are a single ZIP file. So, again, no problem at all
downloading them.

As for "project management" side, even though the switching:

=> FROM: an old/classic development approach based on the cicle "editor
=> compile => execute => editor => compile => execute => etc. etc. "

=> TO: a development based on a Distributed Version Control System [2]
like GIT (or Mercurial)

might require some (significant, in some cases) efforts, I _STRONGLY_
suggest to run the switching, with no esitation: benefits are really,
really visible.... and I bet you won't go back. Again: if coming from a
local/traditional development cicle, some mindset need to be
changed/adapted but... it can be done and it worth the effort. Definitely.

Back to your question, with GitHub you can manage your own projects via
both SSH and HTTPS, as GIT can be transported with both protocols [3]. So
it's easy to say that everyone can help/join the development, as the only
(network) requirements is "HTTPS access".


DV	//...an (old) programmer, that recently switched to GitHub :-)

P.S.: should someone be interested in a "self-hosted" platform, "Apache
ALLURA" [4] might be really interesting

[1] www.packetfence.com
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_Concurrent_Versions_System
[3] https://help.github.com/articles/set-up-git/
[4] https://allura.apache.org/

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