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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: How could we be part of this]

From tom poe, Tue May 28, at 11:52:
 .Hi:  There's a model to consider at:
 .If you want to discuss this model, let me know.

I'm sorry to say that i found the project rather poorly documented. 
In particular, It is not explained to which country those efforts 
will be directed. 
Can you provide a bit more of information, please?

Kirimi Kaberia request is unclear to me, too; excuse my ignorance, 
i do not know ATCnet. A project to be developed in a 'rural district 
in East Africa' appears too hazy. 
Anybody can shed light on this? 

thank you 


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 .Reno, NV
 .On Tuesday 28 May 2002 11:05, Doug Loss wrote:
 .> I just received this from Mr. Kaberia:
 .> Kirimi Kaberia wrote:
 .> > Dear Doug,
 .> >
 .> > I am the president of ATCnet in Africa and would like to get help
 .> > developing a school network in a rural district in East Africa. I
 .> > am looking at about 100 schools all of which are in a highly
 .> > mountainous region and quite rural. They have telephone
 .> > and electricity, some have computers others are in our list to
 .> > provide computers. We would like to set up a network that is not
 .> > necessarily linked to the ISPN except for the phone connection.
 .> > Our biggest handle is the servers to use and the software. Could
 .> > your group help us. Let me know what we need to do to actually get
 .> > the teaching materials for the various classes in math, computer,
 .> > biology, chemistry for mostly high school level students. Also in
 .> > high need is the curriculum for computer literacy for both kids
 .> > and adults. I would like to discuss the possibilities here. I
 .> > think there is a lot that we can do to make it happen together but
 .> > I do not have the final solution. How can I reach you. I can be
 .> > reached at 703 658 6333 or by replying to this email directly.
 .> > Keep up the good work.
 .> >
 .> > Kirimi Kaberia
 .> >
 .> > President
 .> >
 .> > ATCnet
 .> >
 .> > 703 658 6333
 .> What do you all think we can do to help him in this venture?
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