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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: How could we be part of this]

I'd love to see your curriculum when it's available, and maybe
translate it into Spanish.

Feel free to grab whatever you want from
itp.innoved.org/wiki/freecourse.  (Not much there but outlines yet,


On Sunday 02 June 2002 13:19, David Bucknell wrote:
> Wow! 100 schools. I'm interested.
> This is very exciting to me. I'm working on a such a curriculum
for a
> school here in Thailand over the summer and will gladly make it
> such as it is, to these schools. I plan to use abiword, The Gimp,
> and Amaya heavily as well as downloadable free Web reference
sources such
> as Gutenberg. I also plan to arrange it all so that skills will be
> within the context of projects, not in isolation. (This is in
keeping with
> current educational trends.) I Would love to work with others who
> interested and if this group or any other is interested in using
> hopefully contributing and enriching and improving what I start,
then that
> might be a good open source-style project.