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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: Distribution GNU/Linux pour l'education]

           I just browsed the official site which
says a lot about the way the distribution was developed but not much
about the distribution itself (typical french docs ;-) :
        - essentially a woody distribution
        - with some other softwares: open office, magic point, wims(
from Xia Gang you may remember on this list), abuledu, etc...
        - apparently they made a big effort at translating
documentations in french.
        Unfortunately I do have nor time to install the distribution nor
the place on my drive. I will try a download and a look around on the
installation interface.
	Anyway, giving my experience with woody I would say it will be an
interesting distribution for education. Woody contains already a lot of
education softwares and you just have to put the right focus on them.
The web documentation seems to do just that.
	Another interesting point is the way the distribution was developped.
It seems to be partnership between a CNDP (an entity that depends on the
french Education Ministry and overviews all documentation edition for
public education in France), a commercial society involved in free
software and the "Conseil Régional de Seine et Marne" a political entity
(of district level I think, but the comparison is bad). Which is a good
sign about linux and open-source visibility in the french education

	Hope this helps,