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[school-discuss] broadcast repeaters for wwoz jazz station in new orleans


this month, etc... will begin broadcasting a live, educational program
with a focus on jazz and other folk musics from North America and around the 

we have a single dsl connection available for this, and hope to use it to
connect to repeaters around the world, so we are able to support a large 
on-line audience.

we can configure the repeater for you (using RedHat 7.3 as a base).

becoming a repeater site will entitle you to use any of the broadcast
materials in the classroom.  we will provide the necessary technical 

over time, this will become a multi-channel facility.

we are starting with about 150K+ hours of material, and the collection
is growing at over 1000+ hours a year.

by year's end, all materials will be indexed into a database.

please help.

thank you.

mike eschman, etc...
"Not just an afterthought...