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[school-discuss] Welcome to Schoolforge

Dear Kirimi Kaberia, Iván Mateos Riaño and, I think, Chris Reed,

Welcome to Schoolforge!

We look forward to working with you to foster free and open resources in

There are a few things you should know about membership which you may have read
on the schoolforge.net site. The following is just a reminder.

First, please put a schoolforge log on your site. There is a selection at
Please choose one, copy it to your site and link it to

Secondly, please join schoolforge-discuss if you have not yet. You can do so by
filling out the form at http://schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php

Finally, participate. Please read the messages and be as active as your time
allows in responding to the list. 

Many thanks, and, thank you for joining us.

I've cc-ed this message to the schoolforge-discuss mailing list so they can see
the descriptions of your projects. 

Best wishes,

David Bucknell
for Schoolforge
A consortium of African professionals in Africa and the diaspora. Our aim is to
accelerate technology flow to Africa and to support education as the cornerstone
for future succes to bridge the technology, development and social welfare gap
globally especially in Africa.
kirimi kaberia

*Centro de filosofía para
 Niñ@s del Principado
 de Asturias Philosophical center for children based on Mathew Lipman program
and methodology
Iván Mateos

Affero allows individuals giving support on mailing lists and newgroups to be
recognized for that support by receiving a donation on their behalf. This
donation can be directed to a non profit,
project or school. All one has to do is create a profile within affero, and add
their school as a beneficiary. Affero will take care of the rest.
Chris Reed
http://members.iteachnet.org/~home About Membership
http://opensourceschools.org Open Source Schools Journal
http://schoolforge.net member Schoolforge Coalition for Open Educational