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[school-discuss] Re: Open Source

Hi everyone, below is a thread for you. Project Greenstar
http://greenstar.org/  is in need of some help with LTSP. Please repost this
to the LTSP list as I am not a member. Thanks

Paul, I also am more political than technical, so I wouldn't be much help. I
am forwarding this to the groups I am on, and I am sure GreenStar will
garner some support as it is a perfect vehicle for promoting LTSP and Open
Source in third world countries.

Thanks for the update.

Chris Calise

> Chris Calise wrote:
> > Paul, Charlie suggested I get fill=in from you on how GreenStar is
> > implementing Open Source and Linux Terminal Server project.

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From: "Paul Swider" <swider@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: Open Source

> Chris,
> Yes, I can tell you where we are regarding linux. It's been my happy task
> advocate for and learn about linux for our purposes. I'm no technical
expert but
> I know the philosophy inside out and have dabbled with a couple
> here at home. We want to employ the type of system you describe -- and get
> linux community involved in such work as it is a direct logical extension
> software freedom to include extending it to useful sectors in developing
> countries that are much more hindered by proprietary software than are
> Americans. We are still trying to figure out the exact configuration and
> logistics of this kind of deployment and we eagerly welcome your help in
> process.
> Where are you located? Maybe we could meet some time. I am now just
outside DC,
> but will be moving to Fla. later this month.
> Paul
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> Paul Swider
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