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I received this this morning from Dana.  I send information on the
Kitchener/Waterloo LUG, but if anyone here in in that area of Ontario, you
ought to contact them and see if you can help.

Dana Bentley <dbentley@kwa.on.ca> wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> My name is Dana Bentley and I work at a charity in Waterloo, Ontario,
> which refurbishes computers for people with physical disabilities who
> could not otherwise afford a computer.  We are interested in installing
> Linux on some of the machines that we give to our members, as well as
> doing some teaching on a Linux machine at our office.  I am wondering if
> you have any suggestions for a largely Windows based staff to implement
> and support Linux for a member base that is largely still on the learning
> curve for computers.  I do not know if we can assist you in any way with
> your program as we are not a school per se, but we would be willing to
> help if possible.  We are using donated computers, mostly 386 and 486,
> and are looking at Linux primarily to avoid the difficulties of Microsoft
> licensing.
> Thanks for your time,
> Dana Bentley
> Computer Acquisition Manager
> KW Access Ability
> http://www.kwa.on.ca

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