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[school-discuss] Perhaps a brief description

* mike eschman <meschman@engima.com> [020618 07:09]:
> http://www.nolalive.com/news/t-p/neworleans/index.ssf?/newsstory/o_super18.html

I wonder if URL posters could be talked into including a short
paragraph regarding the content of the site they're suggesting.

For those who pay a lot for bandwidth, it isn't a simple matter of
clicking on the link to visit a website.  Since I always read mail
offline, I have to decide whether it's worth going back online to
check the URL, or even saving it to a temporary folder to check later,
etc.  With a short description I could decide whether it's worth it
... and if it's important enough, maybe immediately  ;-)

Unfortunately, often it's a reposting of an article I've read
elsewhere, or not what I thought it would be.

It might help others, too, at the cost of just a little more effort on
the part of the poster.  Thanks for any consideration you might give.

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