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Re: [school-discuss] POS billing package? Fundraising/Donor tracking package?


You'll enjoy better searching on the term "Raiser's Edge" (that's the cute 
spelling -- it's software for fund-raisers).


Karl wrote:
> Doug,
> Thanks for your fine leads.
> I searched freshmeat for "invoices" and "billing" and "point of sales." So
> far I have not found anything thin and simple that basically allows me to
> edit a template on the clientside, locally. I might just go to the local
> Staples or OfficeStore and scan in some generic invoices, convert them to
> my needs, and try to set up printing into those forms from my client.
> I still have to finish going through the links you pasted regarding the
> equivalent to "RazorsEdge".
> Expect an update.
> best,
>   Karl