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[school-discuss] Funding source for Schoolforge

A little while ago I mentioned that I was looking into a way we
might be able to generate funds for Schoolforge to help us have a
presence at technology in education conferences.  This is what's
come of it.  I talked with Chris Reed of Affero
<http://www.affero.com> and then signed up at their website.  The
link in my sig below is the result.

This link is an easy way for anyone who I've helped (with anything)
and who is greatful for that help to donate funds to causes I care
about.  It now goes out with all my email messages.  In the ordinary
course of things this might not generate much in the way of money,
but Affero is planning to set up support mailing lists and promote
them to various corporations looking for help maintaining their
Linux systems and willing to put some money down for that
assistance.  Once these are available, I (and I hope some of you
will too) plan to join those lists and offer whatever assistance I
can.  With any luck, they'll ask questions I can answer (often
correctly) and they'll be persuaded to contribute.

I'd like you to go to the Affero website and look it over, then
consider signing up.  By the way, a number of luminaries in the
Linux world have already done so, so you'll be in good company.
Chris Reed, could you post something here detailing Affero's vision
of how this will work?  Thanks!

How valuable is my contribution?
Share your feedback at Affero:

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