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[school-discuss] Re: Membership Entry Notification

Dear Jon Adam,

We'd like to welcome you and The KnowHow Network to the Schoolforge coalition.
We look forward to working with you to foster free and open resources in
schools. There are a few obligations that come with Schoolforge membership and
just so you have them in mind, I'm going to include them below. Congratulations
on your group's progress in Kansas so far. I know the rest of the members and
supporters of Schoolforge will want to know how you did it and learn from your
example. To that end, let me list what we want you to do as these tasks are just
meant to keep us all in touch effectively.

1. Join the schoolforge-discuss mailing list by filling out the form at

You'll be subscribed to the schoolforge-core mailing list which is a low volume
list for member administration issues.

2. Participate in the discussions. We're a sweat equity group although the
equity is only in the realm of good citizenship credits.

3. Copy a logo from http://schoolforge.net/logos or another member's site and
place it in a prominent place on your site, linked to http://www.schoolforge.net

That's it.

Again welcome, and we'll all be talking with you.


David Bucknell
for Schoolforge

Quoting Seul/Edu Membership <richl@seul.org>:

> Name: The KnowHow Network
> Url: http://www.knowhownet.net
> Description: The KnowHow Network is a group of sites that 
> were built to help people with their computer 
> related troubles.  We only use Open Source, 
> and we have successfully gotten Open Source 
> Software into 3 schools in SW Kansas.
> Contact: Jon Adam
> Contact email:jonadam@knowhownet.net


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