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[school-discuss] casting call for "Harry Potter" and "Hamlet", students of all wel

Casting call :

An audio play of the Harry Potter Series, 
performed by students for students.

To audition, prepare a cassette tape, .wav or .mp3 file
on a CD-R, and mail it to 

"Not just an Afterthought ...
52 Oaklawn Drive
Metairie, La. 70005

All submissions will be broadcast.

Please prepare a reading :
(1) from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
J. K. Rowling - Scholastic hold copyrights @ 1999. 

you must cast therse voices : 
(in order of appearance in "The Writing on the Wall")

Argus Filch
Professor Mc Gonagall
Professor Bins
Seamus Finnigan
Parvati Patil
Dean Thomas
Colin Creevy
Moaning Myrtle
Percy Weasley

If you write and request it, I will send you the following
sound fragments, identified by event in the chapter quotations.
Call them "musical keys" or "sound effects".
musical keys --->

"she's not dead ...
" ... should be taken off the quidditch team ...xI 
"... the chamber has been opened, what is that supposed to mean ? ...
---> music for moaning myrtle
----> myrtlte in the elbow bend ...
" .... we could change into three of the slythertins

Second Casting call :

If you wish to be considered for a radio play of "Hamlet",
please send a cassette tape or CD-R (.wav or .mp3)
of the following list read by each prospective actor/ess.



a,e,i,o,u -- as in hat, bet, it, hot, hut;
,,,, -- as in ate, mote, mite, mote, mute;
 -- as in America, freeman, coward;
 -- as in her, fern;
 -- as in burn, furl. ]

Adriana (ad-ri-'-n)
AEgeon ('-ge-on)
AEmilia (-mil'-i-)
Alcibiades (al-si-b'--dz)
Aliena (-li-'-n)
Angelo (an'-je-l)
Antioch (an'-ti-ok)
Antiochus (an-t'-o-kus)
Antipholus (an-tif'-o-lus)
Antonio (an-t'-ni-)
Apemantus (ap-e-man'-tus)
Apollo (-pol'-)
Ariel ('ri-el)
Arragon (ar'--gon)

Banquo (ban'-kw)
Baptista (bap-tis'-t)
Bassanio (bas-sa'-ni-)
Beatrice (b'-tris)
Bellario (bel-l'-ri-)
Bellarius (bel-l'-ri-us)
Benedick (ben'-e-dik)
Benvolio (ben-v'-li-)
Bertram (br'-tram)
Bianca (b-an'-k)
Borachio (b-rach'-i-)
Brabantio (br-ban'ch)
Burgundy (br'-gun-di)

Caliban (kal'-i-ban)
Camillo (k-mil'-)
Capulet (kap'--let)
Cassio (kas'-i-)
Celia (s'-li-)
Centaur (sen'-tawr)
Cerimon (s'-ri-mon)
Cesario (se-s'-ri-)
Claudio (klaw'-di-)
Claudius (klaw'-di-us)
Cordelia (kawr-d'-li-)
Cornwall (kawrn'-wawl)
Cymbeline (sim'-be-ln)

Demetrius (de-m'-tri-us)
Desdemona (des-de-m-n)
Diana (d-an'-)
Dionyza (d--n'-z)
Donalbain (don'-al-ban)
Doricles (dor'-i-klz)
Dromio (dr'-mi-)
Duncan (dung'-kn)

Emilia (-mil'-i-)
Ephesus (ef'e-sus)
Escalus (es'-k-lus)

Ferdinand (fr'-di-nand)
Flaminius (fl-min'-i-us)
Flavius (fl'-vi-us)
Fleance (fl'-ans)
Florizel (flor'-i-zel)

Ganymede (gan'-i-md)
Giulio (j'-li-)
Goneril (gon'-e-ril)
Gonzalo (gon-zah'-l)

Helena (hel'-e-n)
Helicanus (hel-i-k'nus)
Hercules (hr'k-lz)
Hermia (hr'mi-)
Hermione (hr-m'-o-n)
Horatio (h-r'-shi-)
Hortensio (hor-ten'-si-)

Iachimo (yak'-i-m)
Iago (-ah-g)
Illyria ((il-lir'-i-)
Imogen (im'-o-jen)

Jessica (jes'-i-k)
Juliet (ju'li-et)

Laertes (l-r'-tz)
Lafeu (lah-fu')
Lear (lr)
Leodovico (l--d'-vi-k)
Leonato (l--n'-t)
Leontes (l-on-tz)
Luciana (l-shi-'n)
Lucio (l'-shi-)
Lucius (l'-shi-us)
Lucullus (l-kul'-us)
Lysander (l-san'-dr)
Lysimachus (l-sim'--kus)

Macbeth (mak-beth')
Magdalen (mag'-d-len)
Malcolm (mal'-kum)
Malvolio (mal-v'li-)
Mantua (man-'t-)
Mariana (mah-ri-'-na)
Menaphon (men'--fon)
Mercutio (mer-k'-shi-)
Messina (mes-s'-nah)
Milan (mil'-n)
Miranda (m-ran'-d)
Mitylene (mit--l'-n)
Montagu (mon'-t-g)
Montano (mon-tah'-n)

Oberon (ob'-r-on)
Olivia (-liv'-i-)
Ophelia (-fl'-i- or o-fl'-y)
Orlando (awr-lan'-d)
Orsino (awr-s'-n)
Othello (-thel'-)

Parolles (pa-rol'-z)
Paulina (paw-l'-n)
Pentapolis (pen-tap'-o-lis)
Perdita (pr'-di-t)
Pericles (per'-i-klz)
Petruchio (pe-tr'-chi-)
Phoenix (f'-n