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Re: [school-discuss] my puzzle about OSS in education

I suppose I was more interested in evaluations of math
scores with Algebra Buster versus those without, to
give a better example.

--- Rob Rittenhouse <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Quoting Greg Farrell <erac_greg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > 
> > 
> >>Does anyone who's switched to OSS applications,
> like
> >>the ones Marilyn's listed here, have any available
> >>statistics that evaluate student's performance
> before
> >>and after the switch?  What were the metrics used?
> >>
> >>I'm trying to get a sense of learning content
> value,
> >>so anything along these lines would be a help
> >>
> >>Greg Farrell
> The big question would be whether or not learning
> with computers helps. 
> I don't see that there would necessarily be much
> difference between OSS 
> and proprietary software in this area (do you
> actually learn 
> significantly more or less by using the Gimp vs
> Photoshop? OpenOffice vs 
> MS Office? TuxType vs Mavis Beacon?)
> Where OSS might help is in affordability and
> manageability of computing. 
> If the choice is Gimp vs something we can't afford,
> OpenOffice vs 
> something we can't afford TuxType vs something we
> can't afford the 
> equation changes. Plus with OSS you can give the
> students the 
> applications you are teaching with. What are the
> benefits in giving the 
> students the software to use at home?
> Try flipping the question: what are the real
> advantages of using 
> proprietary software?
> -- 
> Rob Rittenhouse

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