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Re: [school-discuss] my puzzle about OSS in education

Thanks No One.  I'm compiling a report for all the
schools in my province on OSS options for them.  Each
district and school is set up differently, and each
will try a different application to introduce
themselves to OSS, I'm sure.

Being able to include information like this will help
schools know beforehand where limitations may exist
and keep them from getting bad impressions where it
could be avoided.

Any information of this kind will help our schools
make the best choices for a switch to OSS.  I've been
trying to find real examples of OSS effects on
learning content value for the schools that have
implemented OSS because I know this question is at the
forefront of the discussion for many of the schools
here.  So any statistical or anecdotal measure like
the one you've provided helps me a lot.

Greg Farrell

--- No One <no-one@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 11:54 -0500, Rob Rittenhouse
> wrote:
> > TuxType vs Mavis Beacon?)
> I just have to say that this semester we needed a
> typing program.  I
> tried TuxType2 and found it to a good program, but
> it doesn't really
> compare to Mavis Beacon.  Mavis Beacon helps to
> teach the student how to
> type, TyuxType is more of a game to help
> re-enforce/improve their typing
> skills.  Mavis Beacon really is fairly cheap, though
> ($5/copy for an
> older version at 5dollarsoftware.com), and works
> well under Wine (though
> the installer fails, just use a repackager like
> InstallRite on a Windows
> machine).  What I ended up doing is installing both
> and the teacher used
> Mavis Beacon to help teach them typing, and TuxType
> for practice.  It
> worked well, though I would prefer to use something
> open source and
> native.  None of the native typing applications I
> tried cut it.

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