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[school-discuss] Re: my puzzle about OSS in education

on Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 08:49:18AM -0700, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Greg,
> I'm not giving you quite the answer you are looking for.  It sounds
> like you want before and after test scores.  We mostly did projects in
> class and what I can tell you is that students produced amazing work.  
> *  In keyboarding, many students were typing 50 words/minute by the
>    end with their hands covered (Gtypist and Ktouch)
> *  Students used LyX to create better written and beautiful looking
>    reports for other classes
> *  They made slide show projects for other subject areas in OpenOffice
>    Impress, exported them to html, and uploaded them to our classroom
>    intranet server, so they could easily be displayed in the other
>    classroom
> *  In animation class, students at all levels were successful and motivated.
>    Two of my most creative students failed the ninth grade . . . this
>    means they were so turned on to Blender that they dug in and worked
>    hard, but not in their English or math classes.  I also had gifted
>    type band kids who went way beyond and were making computer games
>    at the end.  We had contests in class.  The tech facilitator for my
>    campus was also a sculptor and a former art teacher.  She was our
>    judge.  Different kids were winning each time.  There was so much
>    good work to choose from!
> At the end of every term I turned out about 100 Linux disciples.  I gave them
> each a Knoppix disk and sent them on their way.  Many of them went home and
> downloaded their own copies of Blender, the Gimp, Mozilla, and OpenOffice. 
> They would say "Linux rocks, Windows sucks."
> I taught for 22 years, and it is the greatest thing to see students
> turned on to something and exceeding their own expectations.  Open
> Source Software was a key to this.  
> Marilyn

Marilyn:  I just wanted to say that that's a really great anecdote, and
shows a case of using GNU/Linux in multiple ways, _most_ of them outside
standard tech stuff, to great gain.


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