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[school-discuss] LXer: Linux in the Global Community: How the Iraqi Linux Group came to exist

My experience in the Linux Community has allowed me to see how
cooperative software development transcends cultural differences and
allows diverse people to become friends. Unlike other communities, Linux
has only one agenda and when something gets in the way, the spotlight
can result in appropriate exposure.

I'm scheduled to speak this year at an open-source conference for
Governments and Education on Linux. So, to get prepared, I'm looking for
material about Linux use in Arabic speaking countries. Any other case
studies that could be used to present Linux and open-source software is
welcomed. If you have a paper you wish to submit, please feel free to
contact me.

Meanwhile, here's a tear jerker and a remarkable story. As a sidebar,
the Linux disc 1 & 2 - turned out to be Red Hat 7.0.