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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] suggestions for activties - The links between Free Content/ FLOSS and social software

Dear all,

On 11 Jun 2005 at 21:09, Wayne Mackintosh wrote:

 see whether the power of social software can make a difference to
achieving "Education for All"

I truly agree with Wayne that we should take a close look on social software.

Besides the FLOSS infrastructure (Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTML, GNU-LInux,
Apache etc.) social software (blogs, wikis, CSCL software) are the
most important single factors behind major technical, social,
economical and cultural development of our time.

They also already play an important role in education: at the moment
more in informal learning taking place online, but more and more in
formal learning, too.

Some time ago I wrote in our FLOSSE Posse blog a post about how
social software may help students to keep "the right attitude" on
learning. Have a look:


Best regards,

    - Teemu

Teemu Leinonen
+358 50 351 6796
Media Lab
University of Art and Design Helsinki