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[school-discuss] Greetings

Hello fellow developers, artists, teachers, and administrators,

Some of you may know me and many perhaps do not.  Many long years ago I started a project called Kids Games which has spawned many newer projects and coordinated with other's.  At the moment that project is basically defunct due to many factors.  However I have been working with some of you on the school-discuss list to the best of my resources and ability (hopefully in very meaningful ways).  I recently rewrote my resume to reflect more deeply who I am and what I am about regarding my career.  To that end I offer that document to all of you (please forward/share with anyone you deem it pertinent).  You can access it at my personal website (www.spunge.org/~jwaddell) just by following the links.  It is there in 5 different formats and I hope one of them will work for you.  Thank you for you time and I look forward to continuing this adventure of creating open source educational software for children.