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[school-discuss] [OT - Possibly] Looking around for a Backup solution for an Open University


This could possibly be OT as this list is related to school related
discussions. If that, then I apologise in advance.

The use case is as follows:

The University has classrooms offering classes for professionals who use
mobile computing platforms to access and work with learning material.
Such exercises are on their laptops. The computer lab has the projects
under their particular logins.

The requirement is for a backup solution which provides the following:

[1] Backup of selected directory from laptops
[2] Backup of the project directories
[3] Alert notification if any laptop is not backed
[4] Logging of backups

Took a look at Amanda, Bacula, rsync and fsync but all meet certain
requirements but not all. Additionally, the control of backup/sync is
something that I would like to make users responsible.

The University has the budget for commercial solutions like Tivoli,
Netbackup - but before it does I would like to have more feedback on the
feasibility of the above.



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