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Re: [school-discuss] SEUL Educational Application Index fixes/namechange?

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 15:27 -0600, Les Richardson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can I drop the SEUL part of the name? (ie. Educational Application Index - 
> Education Appdex ?)
> Should I add something about Schoolforge?
Yes, change SEUL/edu to Schoolforge everywhere, I think. 
> I've gone through all application records and stripped all gambling 
> related detritus. I've removed the ability to add reviews, for now.
Good.  They never worked as we'd hoped anyway.

> I've added a 'skill testing' question to all application submissions to 
> block those **!!@*** submissions.

> I'm going to rewrite parts of this application, add link checking and try 
> to suck updates from freshmeat if possible to keep things up to date.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This has been sorely needed for a long
time.  I've been remiss about keeping it up to date.  The big problem
now is with finding and adding new apps as they appear.  Anyone can
still do that, right?  Or will we be pulling additions from Freshmeat
> More to follow. All those gambling records made me mad! (Feedback about it 
> would have been nice, too...)

I don't say it enough Les, but thank you for hosting and maintaining
this Index for us.  I think it's still being used, even though it isn't
up to date, and I know you don't get the credit you deserve for creating
and hosting it.

Folks, we need to do what's needed to keep this Index up to date.
Whenever you come across a Linux app that is educationally useful, make
note of it and then check the Index to see if it's listed.  If it isn't,
please add it!

The categories we've divided things into need revision too.  I made up a
revised category list quite a while ago, but never went further with
that.  Is that something that you can add in easily, Les?

While we're at it, Les also has created, hosted, and maintained the old
SEUL/edu (now Schoolforge I think; if not it should be changed) case
studies site.  Thank you for that too, Les!  Folks, if you haven't added
a case study for your organization, please go and do so!  And we maybe
should talk about how to make use of the information in those case
studies too...

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