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Re: [school-discuss] Wireless network ambulance for classrooms w/o wired network connectivity

Damiano Verzulli wrote:
Daniel Howard wrote:

[...] convert our elementary school's network to support LTSP/thin clients, one of the challenges we have is that due to construction [....]

Please note that, while driving along the way of the LTSP/thin_client adoption, another challenge you might face with, expecially employing wireless-lans, it's the bandwidth!

As the standard LTSP rely on the X protocol and the X protocol consumes lot of bandwidth, I think that with a 11Mbps links you could experience some problems!

Having run rooms full of X Terminals and workstations using X applications and NFS mounted home and application directories on 10 Mbps wired links in the semi distant past with no trouble, I personally don't see the bandwidth concern with using X over 802.11b, and 802.11g is also cheaply available. The ease of sniffing passwords etc. on unencrypted wireless or wired networks is of course a different problem.

- cameron