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Re: [school-discuss] Wireless network ambulance for classrooms w/o wired network connectivity

Daniel Howard wrote:
[...] convert our elementary school's network to support LTSP/thin clients, one of the challenges we have is that due to construction [....]

Please note that, while driving along the way of the LTSP/thin_client adoption, another challenge you might face with, expecially employing wireless-lans, it's the bandwidth!

As the standard LTSP rely on the X protocol and the X protocol consumes lot of bandwidth, I think that with a 11Mbps links you could experience some problems!

In order to avoid such problems and, also, in order to "improve" (a bit) the overall quality of the whole architecture, you should take a look at NX technologies (www.nomachine.com). It should be added to LTSP quite easily. Please note that the "core" of the NX architecture is _open_source_ and, as such, can be used freely. There're also a FreeNX project, somewhere on the web, that should embed all (and only) the open-source components of NX (but I can be wrong. Please check!).

Please note that NX let user to access a central server via a graphical interface also with a standard 28.8 kbps modem. Something simply impossibile with standard X protocols.


Damiano		// who read a lot about NX but never tried it!

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