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Re: [school-discuss] Korea brings homegrown open source to schools

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Daniel Howard wrote:

> By the way, I set up a conference call yesterday with our four
> principals, who are either switching to Linux K12LTSP or considering
> it, and two other 
>          2.  The other K12LTSP principal said he still had Windows 95/98 
> PCs at his school in order to run legacy Windows software, but that he 
> would not let them be connected to the Internet as a measure to prevent 
> viruses and other malware.  The Linux thin clients are the only ones that 
> can access the Internet.

I'd be curious to know what legacy software, and if any attempt has been
made to run it on a Xandros with Crossover. I've had excellent results
using this.