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Re: [school-discuss] Korea brings homegrown open source to schools

Does Xandros/Crossover give good support for sound, microphone and USB/serial ports? That's one of the issues in a special needs class in our school. The special needs software uses microphone input for children with speech impediments, and there are also several USB/serial communication devices (touchscreens, communication assistance devices, etc.) that we need to support. Since Wine and Win4Lin often do not support such devices, I'm stuck with using Windows2000 refurbished PCs (XP won't run much of the older software) and am concerned about hooking them to the Internet for the same reasons below.


At 07:22 AM 6/24/2005, you wrote:

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Daniel Howard wrote:

> By the way, I set up a conference call yesterday with our four
> principals, who are either switching to Linux K12LTSP or considering
> it, and two other
>          2.  The other K12LTSP principal said he still had Windows 95/98
> PCs at his school in order to run legacy Windows software, but that he
> would not let them be connected to the Internet as a measure to prevent
> viruses and other malware.  The Linux thin clients are the only ones that
> can access the Internet.

I'd be curious to know what legacy software, and if any attempt has been
made to run it on a Xandros with Crossover. I've had excellent results
using this.


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