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[school-discuss] Open Admin 1.85 Released

Hi All,

I've pulled more code together, and come up with a new release...

Les R.


OA 1.85 is now available in the download section. It contains:
* fixes for all known problems with PosgreSQL.

* new image management code to start putting student/staff pictures onto reports, screens, etc. This is only a beginning with uploading and matching code and viewing in the student search function.

* gradebook and reportcard updates

This is not the final release for summer that schools should be installing for the fall. There are going to be quite a few more updates in several areas, including gradebook, report card system, new daybook/scheduling, and Sask Learning SDS (new query functions).

Schools that only install once a year (?) should get the 1.90 or 1.95 release. All others, of course, should update now. Look at the upgrade section of the admin manual for 1.85

Les Richardson Open Admin for Schools