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Re: [school-discuss] LTSP and school-provided networks on same physical infrastructure

Thanks for all the great advice Don and Stew. First thing tomorrow, I'll categorize what we have now in terms of switches and cabling (whether it is Cat5e or just Cat5, in case we do end up buying some new switches) and see where we go from there to implement a VLAN solution as much as possible. Stew, even if we do hire a tech expert to help us, it never hurts to do as much homework ahead of time as possible :-)

As an aside, I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea for this group to come up with some sort of reference architecture for school networks that includes typical cases and variations so that the K12LTSP and Edubuntu folks can use it as a 'design to' for new features/capabilities in their software. The folks we've talked to thus far have either set up K12LTSP servers in computer labs, or did the entire school with K12LTSP (like Riverdale). I suspect that our case, of having to gradually infuse K12LTSP into the network, while maintaining existing PCs that require authentication, might be quite typical of schools wanting to do this, but who have hesitant district IT personnel to deal with.

Thanks again to all for a great resource,

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