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[school-discuss] Tomorrow (June 16) is "Tux Paint Day!"

Tomorrow, Tue. June 16th, marks the 7th anniversary of the first
release of Tux Paint.  (Coding began only two days earlier, on June 14, 2002.
"Release early, release often." :^) )

I decided to declare it "Tux Paint Day," created an event on Facebook
and 'invited' all my friends, sent an email out to the ~16,000 people
who are subscribed to the 'tuxpaint-news' mailing list, and posted about
it to the various Linux User Groups in my area.  And now for you guys,
SchoolForge-discuss subscribers. :)

The purpose of Tux Paint Day is simple: tell at least one person you know
about Tux Paint, the open source drawing program for kids:

Obviously, it's most useful if you tell someone who's a parent,
grandparent or teacher of appropriately-aged children (ages 3-12 or so).

And, while Tux Paint is open source and developed on Linux, keep in
mind that it also runs on Mac OS X and Windows.  (All the way back to
Win95... and Linux back to RedHat 6.2, too!)

For the little press release I whipped up in the wee hours of the night
last night, visit:


Thanks for helping me spread the word!  (And, you know, feel free to tell
them about other Tux4Kids software, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Linux, and
the other zillions of great and useful Free and Open Source software that's
out there for them!)

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